Sustainability means living within the resources of the planet without damaging the environment now or in the future. Sustainability means creating an economic system that provides for quality of life while renewing the environment and its resources.

Read this report to see just how serious the environmental issue is:  It gives a devastating assessment of how climate change and global economic development over the past 50 years has impacted nature and threatened the health of ecosystems important to humans and all other species.

It is sad to know that so many companies’ in particular large corporations are moneymaking machines whose sole goal is to maximize their profits at the expense of the planet. Sure, they publish their environmental policies and use propaganda to enforce it. But the truth is that simply hide behind their so called eco sustainable policies with no call to action. What a shame.

How sustainable is Kingly?

We have a minimal negative impact on the global and local environment. We strive to make the planet better for all but there is a limit as to how much we can do as a sole company. We just hope that other companies will enforce the policies that we have set into motion.  We have our own progressive environmental and human rights policies that we enforce.

What are we doing about it?


Textiles can flow through the Upcycled Textile System for many life cycles creating long lasting, high-value products in each successive generation.  Fashion, accessory, and home goods are bought by us, used, and eventually worn-out, at which point they are returned to the Upcycled Textile System.

In this chart below you can see some astonishing facts and figures about how good this system actually is.

We are very pleased with our environmental policies as more than 65% of our production is based on the Upcycled system. The use of our compostable sock packaging has contributed positively to our sustainable policies.

In addition to this we are aggressively promoting Organic GOTS certified yarn. Although it does not form part of the Upcycled system, organic yarn does not use any chemical pesticides, genetically modified seeds, or artificial fertilizers. Its production is to promote and enhance biodiversity and biological cycles.


We conduct sustainability reporting which helps governance performance, and us to measure, understand and communicate our economic, environmental, social and then set goals, and manage change more effectively.


We strive to improve the environmental health and quality of life for our community, in particular Environmental Quality.  In order to have healthy communities, we need clean air, natural resources, and a nontoxic environment.

We minimize Non-Renewable Energy Consumption, source products responsibly and use as many recycled products as possible.


Lastly, we have our own progressive environmental and human rights policies that we enforce.